Mika Ninagawa × YOSHIROTTEN “ASIA FASHION AWARD 2017 in TAIPEI” Special Collaboration!

The solo exhibition in Taiwan was also a great success in the long line of rows every day, Mika Ninagawa, a photographer and film director, and an acclaimed art director who attracts attention by participating in numerous emerging projects in the world based in Tokyo around the world “ASIA FASHION AWARD” special collaboration by YOSHIROTTEN top creators realized.
“ASIA FASHION AWARD 2017 in TAIPEI” key visual is completed by the work taken newly by Ninagawa Mika.

<Ninagawa Mika comment>
I am happy that we could also join the AFA visual this year. Yoshi Roton designs my photo coolly. I am looking forward to W Taipei in December.

I continued to make key visual production last time. Mika Ninagawa projected Asian landscape photographs taken this year with a model, photographed it by Mr. Mika, and challenged it as a mixed media art visual that I collaborate further!

Mika Ninagawa
Photographer, movie director Kimura Ieyoe Photo Awards and many other awards. The movie “Sakuran” (2007), “Hella Seester” (2012) directed. I also do a lot of video works. In 2008, ‘Ninagawa Mika Exhibition’ toured museums throughout the country. In 2010, published photo books from Rizzoli N.Y., talked about in various countries around the world. In 2016, held a large-scale solo exhibition at the Taiwanese Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Taipei) and updated the mobilization record of the same building greatly. Inauguration of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee Board of Directors 2020.
Graphic artist / art director. Born in 1983. While based in Tokyo, with clients around the world, ZINE production, fabric brand GALA from the artworks of artists such as STYVIE WONDER, BOYS NOIZE, TIGA, DJ HELL, m-flo, MIYAVI etc, with interior decoration of NY ACE hotel Design to apparel brand to Prodies, UT (UNIQLO), OPENING CELEMONY etc, Graphic of TOYOTA Mirror Harrier installation project, product plan with JAXA, and collaboration art with numerous brands and companies.
In 2013 we released our collection of works from GASBOOK, Inc., Isetan Shinjuku store and
Shibuya Hikarie, held works at Calm & Punk Gallery. design
Magazine GRAPHIC DESIGN 2014 handles cover design, ART
Created a collaboration poster at FAIR TOKYO 2015. Three people, Moriyama Daido, Ninagawa Perfuma and YOSHIROTTEN, participated in this project. 2014 – 15 Mercedez – Bentz FashionWeekTokyo is responsible for key visuals. After that he announced works in Berlin, London. In addition, publishes independent magazine PAN MAGAZINE which originates from Tokyo and NYC. I also work on cover design. As an art director, make wide-ranging productions such as graphics, w e b, images and so on as factions, music, advertisements.